Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Today in this fast life where everything is going digital, market has to trail. For skilled candidates, heavily paying jobs are waiting as it has become the muggiest field in this world. Our highly expert authors have designed our Digital Marketing Courses mingled with astronomical quality training in SEO, Social Media marketing, and PPC with practical sessions to ensure success.

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Professionals and faculties mug-up to give the perfect blend of self-driven, conjoint and applied learning for satisfactory results.

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More than 40 accreditation bodies approved our curriculum which is developed by our well known experts for perfect experience.

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Accelerated more than 100,000 careers and help to propel professional life for one step towards higher level

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Course Contents

  1. Digital Marketing Overview

    1. What is Digital Marketing ?
    2. Digital Marketing Strategy Formation
    3. Subheads of Digital Marketing
    4. What types of Online Marketing Techniques ?
    5. Lead Generation for Business ?
  2. Planning & Strategy Formation

    1. Competitors Analysis
    2. Website Analysis
    3. Current Traffic Analysis
    4. Formation of Marketing Strategy of Website
    5. What Type of Digital Marketing technique is Required ?
    6. Organic and Non-organic Budget Analysis
    7. Online Reputation Management Techniques
  3. Search Engine Optimization

    1. What is SEO and Complete Overview
    2. Keyword Analysis & Optimization
    3. Complete On-Page Optimizations
    4. Complete Off-Page Optimization
    5. Errors Finding & Removal
    6. Headings and Meta Tags Optimizations
    7. How to Generate Natural Backlinks for Popuklarity
    8. Blog Optimization & RSS Feeds
    9. Google Sitemap Optimizations
    10. Business Listings, Articles Promotions
    11. Increase Google Page Speed
    12. Content & Images Optimization
  4. Types of Ads Promotion

    1. Display Advertising
    2. Search Advertising
    3. Video Advertising
    4. Email Advertising
    5. Pop-up Advertising
    6. Banner Advertising
  5. How to Earn Money Online ?

    1. Earn Money from Google Ads (Adsense)
    2. Earn from Blogging
    3. Earn Money from Social Sharing and Likes
    4. How to Become a Succesfull Freelancer
    5. Earn From Email Marketing
    5. Earn From Android Play Store
    6. How to Get Freelance Projects ?
  6. Working with Tools

    1. Google Webmaster Tools
    2. Google Analytics
    3. Google Adwords
    4. More than 100+ SEO/SEM Tools
    5. Facebook Ads Manager
    6. Double Click Ads Tool
  7. Social Media Optimization

    1. What is SMO and Overview
    2. Organic Facebook Marketing
    3. Instagram, Google+, Linkedin & Twitter Marketing
    4. Authorotative Social Sharing & Promotion
    5. Press Release & Media Promotion
    6. Article Marketing & Social Sharing
    7. How to Increase Likes, Shares ?
    8. Quality Links Popularity Techniques
  8. Complete Digital Marketing Techniques

    1. Social Media Marketing
    2. Search Engine Marketing
    3. Email Marketing
    4. Affiliate Marketing
    5. Video Marketing
    6. Mobile Web Marketing
    7. E-Commerce Marketing