Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Developer

Cloud computing is the latest buzzword in IT trends. Salesforce is the best and very well-known example of Cloud. Salesforce is No. 1 CRM software that targets to make a boom ROI for your company as it is mainly designed to best suite of business products. According to some experts, Salesforce ecosystem will produce more than 1 million new job opportunities through 2020. So, be wise and don’t get late to grab your seat and become Salesforce certified.


Course Contents

  1. Basics of Programming

  2. Introduction to Oops Concepts

  3. Exception Handling

  4. Working with Eclipse ( IDE)

  5. Collections

  6. SOQL and SOSL Queries

  7. DML Statements

  8. Apex Triggers

  9. Batch Apex Classes

  10. Dynamic Apex

  11. Test Classes

  12. Web Services

  13. Deployment Process