Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Course Contents

  1. Putting Search Engines in Context

  2. Meeting the Search Engines

  3. Recognizing and Reading Search Results

  4. Getting Your Site in the Right Results

  5. Knowing What Drives Search Results

  6. Spam Issues: When Search Engines Get Fooled

  7. Employing Keyword Research Techniques and Tools

  8. Selecting Keywords

  9. Exploiting Pay Per Click Lessons Learned

  10. Assigning Keywords to Pages

  11. Adding and Maintaining Keywords

  12. Identifying Your Competitors

  13. Competitive Research Techniques and Tools

  14. Applying Collected Data

  15. The Basics of SEO Web Design

  16. Building an SEO-Friendly Site

  17. Making Your Page Search Engine–Compatible

  18. Perfecting Navigation and Linking Techniques

  19. Selecting a Style for Your Audience

  20. Adapting and Crediting Your Content

  21. Establishing Content Depth and Page Length

  22. Adding Keyword-Specific Content

  23. Dealing with Duplicate Content

  24. Employing Linking Strategies

  25. Obtaining Links

  26. Structuring Internal Links

  27. Connecting with Social Networks

  28. Using Redirects for SEO

  29. Watching Your Backend: Content Management System Troubles

  30. Solving SEO Roadblocks

  31. Vetting External Links

  32. Server Issues: Why Your Server Matters

  33. Domain Names: What Your URL Says about You

  34. Implementing 301 Redirects

  35. Employing Site Analytics

  36. Mastering SEO Tools and Reports

  37. Discovering International Search Engines

  38. Tailoring Your Marketing Message for Asia

  39. Staking a Claim in Europe

  40. Tracking Behavior with Web Analytics

  41. Getting Started in Latin America

  42. Discovering Paid Search Marketing

  43. Using SEO to Build Your Brand

  44. Identifying and Reporting Spam