There’s no denying that digital marketing is a booming career sector. No matter the kind of brand or company, everyone wants to have a positive public image and social media presence, which can only be achieved via effective digital marketing. In fact, digital marketing skills are so in demand, that companies are willing to allot bigger budgets to this sector, which means higher pay for those who are well-versed with digital marketing!

So if you were confused so far whether digital marketing would be the right course for you or whether it would be rewarding enough, allow us to enlighten you! We’re going to talk about the 4 major benefits of a digital marketing that might make you want to jump on the bandwagon-

1. You become in-demand

Who doesn’t like to be popular with the head honchos right? Well, that’s exactly what happens when you become a digital marketing professional! There’s a big gap in the digital skills sector currently. It has been estimated that by 2020, 150,000 digital jobs would be up for the taking but there won’t be enough professionals to fill all the slots. Now that is a golden opportunity if you are studying or have a digital marketing degree. You will be a part of career where demand is way higher than supply, which you can easily use to your advantage.

This is better as if you look back during the time of recession, several professionals were hit with job uncertainty and scarcity, which you won’t have to face. You’d basically have a future-proof career with job security and ample opportunities to grow!

Even if recession hits, your digital skills would still be in demand. So take advantage of that by enrolling yourself in a digital marketing course. Like that offered by Prolytics!

2. You get more career choice

India is home to several big multinational corporations such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, LinkedIn and more. These companies have a several digital marketing positions that professionals skilled in this field can choose from. In fact, there’s hardly a time when these companies do not have vacancies in the digital marketing sphere!

Take for example LinkedIn. This employment-oriented giant intends to increase the number of digital marketing professionals it has on-board, doubling the number to 1200 people. Even Microsoft has the same plans, expressing their wish to hire 100 graduates from the digital marketing field.

Numbers like these make digital marketing a very attractive career choice as you get multiple options to choose from. In fact, it allows you the luxury to be picky about the company you would like to work for. Our suggestion is you take full advantage of this choice you’re being offered and make a decision that best suits you.

3. Your salary is higher than your friends

Salary is what all of us work for. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting that paycheck at the end of the month! That said, this happiness increases when you get paid more than your peers right? If that’s what you want, a career in digital marketing will suit you well.

As we said before, demand is much higher than supply in the arena of digital marketing. If you analyze that in terms of traditional economics, it means that the value of such professionals will increase along with their salary since the demand is high. So if you enter into the digital marketing world, you have the ability to ask for a higher pay.

A survey carried out by Prosperity reveals that the salaries of digital marketing professionals is rapidly increasing and the growth is expected to continue in the years to come. In fact, digital marketing managers in Europe earn up €68,000 each year! Even entry level employees in this field earn handsome amounts.

Another survey conducted by The Marketing Institute and Alternatives agrees with the stats released by prosperity, adding that the future is certainly bright salary-wise for those who study digital marketing. So if you want to get paid well, you should consider enrolling yourself for a course in this field at Prolytics!

4. You can have a great CV

Nothing sells better than a CV full of professional accomplishments and that is something we all know. An impressive CV increases your market value simply because you have so much experience to boast of. Now not every job is going to offer you such an opportunity. Only few do and digital marketing happens to be one of them.

If you step into the world of digital marketing, you get plenty of chances to advance your career and take it new heights. Even before you kick-start your career in this field! If you want to get noticed by reputable employers, all you have to do is have a strong social media presence. Prospective employers will notice you there and will call you themselves to have you on their team.

You could try social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to voice your opinions and your skills in a meaningful manner. Or you could start a blog of your own to get noticed. You can even give online exams such as those offered by Google Analytics to give your CV a further boost. All of these activities will show that you really know your stuff while helping you to build an impressive resume.

Four benefits might not seem like a lot but if you consider what a career in digital marketing offers, you’ll realize that those four benefits are actually very major ones. If you are serious about having a future-proof career that pays amazingly well and offers the scope of immense growth, you should consider taking a course on digital marketing from Prolytics. Only the best institute can help you have the kind of career you have always desired.