android development


Android is the most widespread mobile operating system on planet earth. It leaves iOS far behind in terms of its popularity and reachability. Hence, the creation of apps for the Android market is a must as the Google Play Store enjoys a much wider audience base.

So if you wish to be an Android developer, you should enroll yourself in this course offered by Prolytics. We have an advanced curriculum that covers both the aspects of both theory and practical so that you learn everything you need to in order to excel in Android development.

What will you learn
  • Android app building

    Learn to build any kind of app an Android. Our tutors will make sure you learn how to optimize the app you built to suit the latest version of Android.

  • Troubleshooting

    Learn how to troubleshoot apps and fix common errors that arise during or after its production.

  • Android Tools for App building

    We will teach you all about the tools you need to create different kinds of apps on Android. You will be taught how to use these tools in an efficient manner.

If you become an Android app developer, you can be pretty much sure you’ll have a glorious career. Especially since we’ll be teaching you these skills-

  • Installing Android Studio on Windows or MacOS
  • Knowing Java variables, arrays and maps
  • Layout
  • Fading animations
  • Game Connect 3
  • Controlling audio
  • List views
  • Downloading web content/images
  • Using maps in your apps
  • Customizing the action bar


  • 280 Lectures
  • 34:05:40


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Vaishali Gautam – 08-Nov-18:

This is the best Android development course you will ever come across! The course covers every element of android development and is perfect in every way. You won’t regret spending on it!

Pankaj Kumar – 25-Oct-18:

The instructors I had when doing the Android development course at Prolytics were just phenomenal! They could turn complex concepts into simple ones without even trying.

Tanuja Singh – 21-Sep-18:

I love the exposure I got when doing the Android development course at Prolytics. Getting the chance to work on live projects is always a bonus! The lecturers were amazing too!