The Ionic framework is used to develop hybrid mobile applications. It’s simple and easy to use and can help one create a wide variety of applications such as weather apps and more. Hybrid apps using Ionic framework can be built on both iOS and Android platforms.

In the Prolytics course on Hybrid Mobile Application with the help of Ionic framework, you will not only learn how to build different kinds of apps but also test as well as debug the apps. This course is perfect for beginners and covers all the basics that one needs to know in order to design their own apps.

What will you learn
  • Creating hybrid mobile apps

    You will learn to create beautiful hybrid mobile apps with help of Ionic framework by leading experts of the industry.

  • Creating apps on iOS and Android

    The Prolytics course on hybrid mobile application development will teach you how to design and create apps for both iOS and Android mobile platforms.

  • Debugging and testing applications

    Once you learn how to create apps on either mobile platforms, you will be taught how to debug and test these applications.

Completing this course will help you create beautiful and user-friendly hybrid mobile applications. We will teach you these skills-

  • Working with Ionic framework
  • Apache Cordova
  • Developing on PC or MAC
  • Making a To-Do app
  • Making a Weather app
  • Making a National Park Guide app
  • App extending with Firebase
  • Adding icons
  • App scaffolding
  • Debugging and testing apps


  • 58 Lectures
  • 03:46:10


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Mandeep Singh – 02-Nov-18:

If you want to be a mobile app developer, I’d suggest you take this course. The course fees at Prolytics is much lesser than the competition and the instructors are extremely friendly and intelligent.

Kapil Pachoury – 23-Oct-18:

This course at Prolytics how to build a wide variety of apps, adding to my resume and helping me succeed in my career. I’ll be forever grateful to Prolytics!

Komal Sharma – 25-Sep-18:

I love that Prolytics offers a course on hybrid mobile application development that is so easy to understand! The course helped me to become an expert in this field in no time.